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This is my first solo release as Codex Obscura. It's pretty damn short but this is what I envisioned so fuck it.


released February 9, 2012

Amygdala - Miira - Everything except some lyrics where noted
Marie RavenSoul - Lyrics in Bestow Upon Me
Anton LaVey - Lyrics in Dismantling the Narcissist



all rights reserved


Codex Obscura North Carolina

I'm a transgender death metal artist from North Carolina who gets all riled up and screams words really hard into a microphone. I write and record all the music, and most unfortunately, I mix it as well.

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Track Name: Liberate Tutamea
Track Name: Bestow Upon Me
Bestow upon me Satan,
The charactaristics of the goat,
Stubborn in the face of adversary.
Never thwarted in my goals,
Fearless in the face of fear,
Doing what others dare not,
Courageous without limits.
Climbing every mountain my way,
Wild to the point of abandon.
Free to be who I am meant to be,
May its energy ignite my faith and desire,
Forever holding high the horns of Baphomet.
Track Name: The New Reign
Total devastation at the hands of my creations,
Submission is the only option,
Face your death indignantly.
Inhale the scent of evil and the martyr's burning flesh,
Blot out the sun with smoke and leave this land in total darkness.
Violate the garden of perfection,
Put an end to the deception,
Destroy and rebuild.
I walk amidst the fire,
The serpents following my heels in perfect obediance,
I mock the cries of Adam,
I violate the battered corpse that once was Eve,
Your useless God will do nothing to ever try and stop me.
Reshape the land so I may build my kingdom,
My place of chaos and total dominance.
God and his heavens will fall to ashes,
Welcome to the new reign.
Track Name: Holy Malevolence
I am the air that follows,
With the shadow as my veil,
I will abolish all human instincts.
Engraved in my countenance,
Thousands of years of holy malevolence, death and war.
Do not spare the kin,
For they know not what they have done.
Track Name: Dismantling the Narcissist
Lacerated mouth pleading out for my forgiveness,
Tongue split and writhing,
Spitting blood from battered lungs.
Every single hair ripped slowly from the scalp,
Every single word you've ever said shoved right back down your throat.
Behold the mighty voices of my vengeance
smash the stillness of the air and stand as monoliths of wrath
upon a plain of writhing serpents.
Open the mouth of hell and consume your emaciated body.
I thrust aloft the bifid barb of hell and on its tines resplendently impaled,
My sacrifice through vengeance rests.
Come forth in the name of Abaddon,
And destroy him whose name I hath given as a sign.
I thrust aloft the bifid barb of hell and on its tines resplendently impaled,
my sacrifice through vengeance rests.
Your reign of tyranny has come to an end by my hands.
Dismantle the narcissist.
Shemhamforash, hail Satan.
Track Name: I Am the End
Muscles writhing in agony,
Screaming helpless as you lie before me,
With my foot centered on your chest,
Spit your curses at me with each breath.
I am the plague,
I am the storms,
I am the maggots,
I am the worms.
I am your god,
I am Mephistopholes,
I am the Apocalypse.
You cannot escape from me,
I am the end.