cardiac ep

by Codex Obscura

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a short deathgrind thing i made in the wake of some very serious depression using a bit more of an aggressive, violent approach to talking about my transition


released April 9, 2017

Miira - Everything



all rights reserved


Codex Obscura North Carolina

I'm a transgender death metal artist from North Carolina who gets all riled up and screams words really hard into a microphone. I write and record all the music, and most unfortunately, I mix it as well.

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Track Name: the hider
running from the truth
making fear your friend

you can't hide from me anymore

coward, run and hide
pull you by your hair
grab you by your head
make you see the truth

all that you have left
is a tentative sliver of pride

the time give your head up is now
Track Name: the giver
i speak from silhouettes
carved out images of a human
thinner than air
colder than ice
emptier than the universe
i chip away in fragments
they are worthless in their weight
combine to make a timeline
Track Name: the taker
every gift a stepping stone
lead me closer to your heart
i will turn you inside out
hang you by the ankles
drain you like a pig and drink
the blood straight from your neck
wipe my mouth and walk away
Track Name: the seeker
freedom in my hands
seeker for contention
faker weeding out
seeker for attention
four ways in
only two to leave me
crier doing up
sewing up the loose ends

leaving me without a trace
now it's time
sours in the mouth and blisters healing

open up the coffin
let me breath the air

follower; the dirty one
you will die

sewing up the loose ends
leaving me without a trace
a brand new face that suits me
your body fitted