Fear Made a Home in Me (Single)

by Codex Obscura

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from my upcoming album titled "Miira", which will be out on June 30th, 2017

this song, in conjunction with its sister track "No Company", cover ages 1-7 of my childhood.
it talks about how i was extremely shy and scared of everything, and how i occupied myself with imaginary people who felt i was important because i didn't think i was at all.
my mom is the only person i felt really, truly cared about me, and so i grew very attached.
i have always had a constant, burning fear that something will happen outside of my control and i will lose her forever, causing me to be very protective.
i have a fear of abandonment and unwantedness in general.
my mother and i are still very close and she is still loving and supporting me.
i love you mom


released June 12, 2017

Miira - Everything



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Codex Obscura North Carolina

I'm a transgender death metal artist from North Carolina who gets all riled up and screams words really hard into a microphone. I write and record all the music, and most unfortunately, I mix it as well.

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Track Name: Fear Made a Home in Me (Single)
Weighted in my stomach like an anchor
A fear of every person that I met
Fear of myself and why I'm alive
I hid underneath the covers

I made up stories to feel important
Interviews with no one to feel like my words mattered
My life it was significant to the imaginary viewers
Until they would all disappear

My mother she cared for me like no one else did
Every time she left my sight I was sure that she was gone
You're the only one I cared about, you're the only one I needed
Please don't leave me here alone